Problems with Rust on Wood Working Tools

It is a great moment when you can finally buy an expensive set of tools to use in your home. People are usually very excited about these types of things. However, this excitement is often short-lived if you look at your tools after a few months and realize they are covered in rust. Unfortunately, this is a common problem that you can face if you do not take steps to properly manage and store your tools. Unfortunately, rust is not just something that ruins a tool’s appearance. It can damage the material and cause it to become ineffective over time.

Something that works perfectly when you first buy it may no longer work after a couple of years because of rust. Here are steps you can take to ensure rust is not an issue with your wood working tools.

1. Store Properly

Instead of throwing your tools into the nearest drawer you can find, it is better to keep them in an area that is cool and dry. If you have a place inside the house where they can go, this is ideal. If you must keep them in the garage, where the AC or heat do not run, then you want to take steps to ensure the room does not get too humid. The more moisture that comes into contact with your tools, the more they will rust.

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2. Power Tool Cases

If you have any power tools that you plan on using for DIY projects, do not throw away the cases that they come in. These cases are specifically designed to keep that tool free of moisture and other harmful elements.

3. Silica Gel

It is also helpful when you throw a few silica gel packs into any area where you are keeping a lot of tools – such as a drawer or the toolbox that you use on a regular basis.