How to Select the Best Slipcover for Your Sofa

Purchasing a new sofa can be very expensive, and if you still really like the way your old couch feels you may not be willing to make that purchase. So, how do you give that old sofa a new lease on life without the expense of having it reupholstered? You buy a slipcover. But a poorly chosen slipcover can actually make your out-of-style old couch look worse, so use the following guide to get a great looking, great fitting slipcover.

best sofa slipcovers

Slipcover Style

The style of your slipcover is very important to you and your overall decorating scheme. Make sure you’re selecting color, pattern and actual sewing style the will accurately reflect the look you’re going for or will complement your current style. Like any sofa purchase, there are no real rules when it comes to color and pattern but neutrals or solid colors are easier to work with, while patterned fabric hides stains better. If at all possible, get a swatch of the fabric to take home and compare to other accessories and colors in the room

Choice of Slipcover Fabrics

The type of fabric you select should be something that works best for you, your family and your lifestyle. If you want a low fuss slipcover that you can launder at home, look for a cotton-polyester blend. If you’re thinking of a something a little bit more tailored, have a custom slipcover made by a professional and then your fabric options are virtually unlimited.

Slipcover Fit

And probably the most important part of getting a good looking slipcover is how it fits your furniture. Some slipcovers claim to fit almost any sofa and these usually are pretty ill-fitting slipcovers, instead shop for a semi-custom fit which does a better job of taking your couch’s design, shape and style into consideration. If you have a good seamstress at hand or a little extra money you may want to go with a custom fit slipcover to get the best look and fit possible. No matter which slipcover you do decide to go with, take careful measurements to make sure you’re selecting the right size and expect the fabric to stretch, wear and grow a little bit over time as most fabric does.

If you’ve got a little extra money to spend, consider getting a couple of slipcovers to give your couch a seasonal facelift. Slipcovers are fun to accessorize and within a very short time you can transform the look of the entire room. When you make enough research on home furnitures, you will end up with a couch from the best sofa brands. A nice slipcover for it will make your home the sweetest place in the world.